According to Jewish tradition, a Bar-Mitzvah reflects a major turning point in the life of a Jewish boy and as such,  we believe very strongly that every Jewish boy should celebrate this milestone in a meaningful and traditional manner.  

The Bar Mitzvah Curriculum serves as a forum for discussion and discovery, encouraging the Bar Mitzvah boy to  learn more about this unique time in his life. With his tutor, the Bar Mitzvah boy will cover the following syllabus:  

In depth learning of his Torah portion 

A brief history of the Jewish Nation 

Famous Biblical people and lessons that can be learned from them 

Jewish Life Cycles 

Learn how Tefillin are made and how to wear them. 

The importance of being called up to the Torah. 

The Land of Israel  

Hebrew Reading – Time allowing. 

After the majority of the studying has been accomplished, the Bar Mitzvah boy and his tutor will prepare a Bar Mitzvah speech in connection with his Torah portion and\or various topics he learned and connected with.  

We are proud to present you with a variety of options to personalize your service and make this a day to  remember for years to come. 

A typical Bar Mitzvah Service includes: 

Prayer service 

Reading of the Torah, Haftorah 

Candy Throw and Congratulations from Everyone 

Speeches delivered by the Rabbi, Parents and/or the Bar Mitzvah boy 

Yivarechicha Blessing 



The Bar Mitzvah boy needs to work with his tutor for a minimum of 12 lessons in order to prepare him in time for  his Bar Mitzvah ceremony. More lessons are encouraged for a more in depth and meaningful Bar Mitzvah  experience.