Our shul has an open door policy, there are no mandatory membership fees, and all are welcome.  No matter where you find yourself on the ladder of observance, you will feel at home here.  Our services conform to our 3,300-year old traditions, laws, and customs. We aim to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of your Jewish identity. 

To this end, we provide siddurim, Chumashim, and other materials in Hebrew/ Eng., Hebrew/Russian and Hebrew only.  To ensure that everyone be comfortable with their davening. Every Shabbos, Our Rabbis address the congregation with thoughts on the Torah Portion/parsha based on the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Chabad philosophy.
On Holidays the speech is in both English and Russian. Through their talks, they are able to bring to life the strong connection of Torah in our daily lives.

Our Shul is in the center of the Brighton Beach area, if need a minyan, place to learn or just a warm place to be contact us. 718-368-4490 or [email protected]