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Dear Community Member,

The very last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah scroll, as many of us are not scribes it is an accepted custom that through purchasing a part in a Torah it is as though you have written your own Torah and fulfilled this obligation.

Now you can have such an opportunity to participate and contribute towards the this new Torah scroll. 

You can choose to sponsor different parts of the Torah from a word to a portion, by clicking the link below.

The Torah is what unites us with hashem, and as a people. Let us join together in writing history.


The Solovey Family

The new Torah is being written in honor of Eliezer Solovey who's family have been our members for many years. Eliezer was called to the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah at our Synaogue. Please consider taking a part in Eliezer's Torah.



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More opportunities:

Weekly Torah Portion - $540

Endow a Torah portion for yourself, your family or friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding or yahrzeit anniversary Torah portion.

Chapter - $180

Endow a chapter of the Torah for yourself, your family or a friend.

Torah Verse - $120 (Specific Verse Request available)


Special Torah Portions: $1,800 Each




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