Mazel Day School 

Academy of the Arts and Sciences

Welcome to Mazel Day School.

Our School is made up of a unique community of parents, teachers and children learning and growing as we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other and the process of education.

Our School strives to create a singular educational experience for families from Russian-Jewish homes who seek to provide their children with a high-quality education, within a warm and nurturing environment, all while planting the strong roots of Jewish identity and values.

Our School welcomes families with a range of backgrounds and experiences in Jewish culture, from families that are non-observant to traditional to religious. The common culture that binds all Mazel Day School families is our high goals for our children’s education and our shared experiences within the Russian-Jewish community.

Our goal at Mazel Day School is to empower our students with all the tools they will need as they embark on their Life Journeys –

from social skills to knowledge and understanding…

from a sense of self-worth to kindness for others…

from learning and thinking skills to fine character traits…

We hope for our students to be “successful” not only in their endeavors in the world “out there”, but in their “inner world” – their hearts and souls – as well.